, and welcome to our bronze sculptures gallery.

Ad Renders was born and raised in the Dutch city of Eindhoven. After he had occupied himself with ceramics, he has been making bronze sculptures for a while. Sometimes his work makes us think about cave paintings or mythical objects. He does the casting of his sculptures all by himself using the cire-perdue or lost wax technique.

This process goes as follows:

One makes a sculpture of wax or another combustible material that after placing the cast- and deairingchannels is moulded into a masse to obtain an incombustible mold. This mold will be heated in an oven at about 700 degrees centigrades. The wax melts down and disappears from the mold so that there will be an hollow airea. After that the hollow space will be filled with bronze. After cooling the sculpture down, the packet will be "unwrapped". The cast will be chiseled untill it's cleaned up. Because of this the sculptures are one-of-a-kind. After wire-brushing the object it's time to patinate the sculpture to give it a new color.







Fish on carriage-1 Dancers Bronze-boat Object House-2 Fish on carriage-2 Boat with masts Winged women Spiral staircase Boat on bollard Bronze angels Bronze figurine on fish