Casting of the bronze sculptures

bronze casting oven with crucible

Ad Renders does the casting of the sculptures all by himself. The method is called "cire perdue". After the sculpture is modelled using wax or another combustible material, the sculpture will be provided with cast-and deairingchannels. After that it is molded with sculptor's plaster, sand and clay to cover the wax. Now the mold goes into the oven for approximately 48 hours at about 700 degrees. The wax melts, and disappeares so that there's a hollow mold left. Than the mold is been put in a hole in the ground so that it can take the pressure of the cast. After that, a crucible is put into the oven and once the firing is completed, forceps are used to pick up the crucible with the melted bronze so that the bronze can be poured into the mold through one of the nalis. After allowing the mold to cool for at least a few houres, the bronze sculpture can be uncovered by chipping the layers of clay away. When the bronze is freed from the mold it is stripped of the deairingchannels and all the other residue. After sanding and cleaning up the sculpture it's ready for the process of patinating. It's colored by heating and adding chemicals to the surface. Eventually making a bronze sculpture is a very time consuming work but it's worth the effort because a bronze sculpture lasts a lifetime.

bronze casting mold

bronze casting mold

casting bronze with crucible

casting bronze sculptures

bronze sculpture

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